To help the Nation to arrive at goal health for all.

Estate together with all addition and accretions thereto and all accumulated income thereof and all other property or properties that may be acquired out of the same or otherwise may hereafter be subject tto the trust (hereinafter referred to as 'THE TRUST FUND') for the charitable objects and purposes and uses hereinafter expressed with all powers and on the terms and conditions herein contained of concerning the same.

  • The NAME of the trust shall be DELHI WELFARE TRUST.
  • THE OFFICE of the trust shall be situated at DELHI WELFARE TRUST FUNCION OFFICE-C-120 GALI NO-2 BHAJAN PURA DELHI-110053, which may be changed from time to time to such other place or places as the trustees may deem fit and proper at their discretion.
  • The Head Office Administartive Office, branch offices shall be opened at the places decided by the board of trust from time to time.
  • Those who are Trustees for the purpose and declares that fonder (Sh.Ajay Jha) will continue to be executive Trustee of Trust.

The objects trust shall be:

1. To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the trustees and also amongst the general public.

2. To perform work of charity for the general public.

3. To organize seminar on social justice seminar on social justice, educational and economical upliftment to raise legal demands and fundamental rights provided by constitution of India.

4. To open, found, establish, promote, set. up, run, maintain, assist, finance support and/or help ttie vaious chnitable, educational industrial, technical / non technical, industrial, vocational, agricultural & community development programs for all

5.To open, found, establish, promote, set up, mn, maintain, assist, finance support. and/or help the various community development programs/activities and also construct and develop the community halls, marriage halls, poi. Orphanage, health centers, charitable dispensaries, hospitals, libraries, reading rooms, play grounds, stadiums (both open and indoor) and other buildingsj institutions for use of general public and for welfare. of general public.

6. To establish maintain or grant aid for the establishment. maintenance of wells, tube wells, tanks, water reservoirs, trees and also to make the constructions ;IC?: maintenance of paths, roads, khadanja, bridges, parks, sewerage, and other buildings and imtitutions which are used by general public.

7.To take up effective, but reasonable and lawful steps for eradication of social evils such as wastage of money in various functions and use of intoxicated drugs/wine/smack etc .

8. To make adequate arrangements and start the rehabilitation centers for destitute, windows, old men and woillen, poor,beggars, handicapped, blind, dumb, mentally retarded and for other needy people.

9. To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to the blind and deaf and dumb and others . disabled throug.h the various kinds of trm:aing programs and also providing them required facilities to make them independent.

10. To give , provide and.'or render monetary and/or other help and assistance for the relief of persons and animals affected by natural and other calamities such as flood, fire famine, cyclones , earthquakes, storm accidents, pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cnst of living and the like to gave donations , subscriptions or contributions to institutions , establishment centers, or persons doing relief work on such occasions.

11. To approach and to encourage the people to donate blankets, ru1.7,s„ woolenicottonfsilk or other varieties of clothes or other articles of necessary and also provide the same to the needy man, women and children.

12. To provide food, clothes, shelter, (temporary and permanent), medicines and other required facilities to the people who have faced the natural calamities and tor the disaster.

13. Th make bes efforts for protection promotion and for the advzoacemePt of women, children, old aged, handicapped, orphans, widows, destitute and mentally retarded persons.

14 To create a forum for senior citizens where they cart exchange their views and experiences, which may be, make available to younger generation.

15. To follow the ideology of great men and national leaders who scarified their lives for OW national.

16 .To start various program; against child labour and take -To- take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps on this connection for the welfare of children.

17. To render services to the women, children and youths of the country for their actual, moral, social and legal rights.

18. To educate the people and organize various kinds of awareness programsfactivities regarding consumer protection laws and rights of the public in this connection.

19 .To promote the litenry,Social activity by awareness programs, adult education classes, lectures, essay competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, press conferences and seminars.

20. To assist ecclesiastical authorities in such a manner as they desire or suggest.

21. To start, establish, run take over or manage and maintain the schools, with the object to provide sound nursery, pre primary, primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and higher education to children /students by seeking recognition and affiliation from education depaitme.nts etc.

22. To do the best efforts for the promotion of medical/ nursing education by running various schools, colleges and others medical

23. To open, establish, promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid and help in the setting up the different kinds of technical/non-technical schools engineering colleges, medical colleges and other establishments or institutions for advancement of all kinds of education under one umbrella of a self established university or may be in association with a foreign university/institution and knowledge (also get. permission from the competent authority/department, if required).

24 .To establish institutes for the higher educationicolleges of I.T„ management, enginethng„ medical, paramedical, law, traditional. , and certificate courses like BBA M C A, MBA, B C A, BED. PGDC A., MCA, BBA BA, LLB, Bsc (MLT), nano technology Med, D.P.Ed, M.P.ed, researchKPhD, D.lit),BA, B.COM , M .COM, etc and exclusive management courses after getting permission from the competent. authorities.

25.To run management institutes professional courses ii the field of finance including international finance ,business management, financial management., commerce, computer application and ilied subjects/ activities.

26. To start various kinds of training, courses like teachers training having courses like NTT, BTC, B .Ed, ECCE, nurse training, technical and non technical courses after getting permission aidior affiliation from the competent authority/ authorities, if it. is required.

27 .To conduct coaching classes for preparation for various competitive examinations.

28 . To meet traveling, boarding. and lodging expanses for students going abroad for higher education and also help them in all possible ways.

29.TO offer prizes and grant scholarships to deserving stticlents and also to provide all possible facilities to the students who are interested to get abroad for higher education.

30. To mange and organfre exhibitions, training and research programs on the subjects /matters relating to the villagers and people belongs to rural areas of the country and also start. different integrated village development' programs.

31. To start, run and manage the various training centers like poultry, goatery, fishery etc. to train the young boys and girls belonging to the minority and backward classes for the purpose of getting self employment and also for the solution of the problems of unemployment and also provide alt necessary facilities to the trainees.

32. To open founds, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support, and/or aid or help in setting. up andlor maintaining and/or running hospitals, charitable dispensaries, mobile dispensaries, maternity homes, child welfare centers, convalescent homes, sanatorium, hostels and other similar institutions or centers for rendering or providing medical relief.

33.To make arrangement for mobile emergency van/ambulance for the victims of road accidents, to provide help to pregnant ladies to shift them to near by hospitals, also to provide assistance to the old people for emergency.

34. To provide nursing aid to needy people especially for the old age men and women, orphan ill etc.

35 To provide information and education :iuseful knowledge and the medical advice, to g.erteral public regarding the vices of society like smack, smoking, (cigarette, bin, hukka), use of alcohol twine, aids etc. through holding awareness camps for de- addiction and organize he lectures by expert team of doctors, journaiists, lowers, professionals and other learned persons.

36. To open centers:institutes for diagnostic curative and research of cancers, aids, T.B. and other deadly diseases.

37.To organize eye and blood donation camps.

38.To conduct training and research programs. for pollution control (in water, air, soil, earth, atmosphere.), polluted diseases and to maintain/develop and also protect the herbs, forests, environment, species of animals, birds, wild life and natural gills helping to so support the preservation of environtnent.

39 .To promote interest of people in environment, sense of integration, self-employment and sanitation etc.

40.To invest the trust fund in various financial, gain projectsischemes for the purpose of rising funds of the trust to spend the same for fulfillment of objects of the trust.

41.The aims and objectives of the trust shall be purely for 'CHARITABLE PURPOSE'

42.To collect information, notices, notific2iions, policies from the government, semi government, nationallinternalional agencies and N.G.Os and also provide the same to the trustees and also to the general public.

43 To make survey for collection of data.

44. To organize seminars, meetings, press conference and other lawful gatherings from time to time.

45. To take up effective reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of problems relating o the trust and/or relating to the general

46. To Lpproach to the competent court/courts to safeguard the rights of the general public interests from time to time as the trust may deem fit and proper.

47.To receive financial and non -financial assistance from govt non -govt. Organization, international agencies, banks and any other legal entity or individual.

48. To except donations, grants, and gifts presents, gifts and other offerings in shape of moveable andlor immovable properties for the attainment of the aims and the objects: of the trust.

49.To purchase/acquire the land andior the building in the name of the trust for the uplitiment of and fulfilment of aims and objects of trust.

50.To hold and manage and assets and privet -tie,: acquirediinherited or purchased by the trust as may be necessary or appropriate for the achievement of the objectives of the trusts.

51. To erect, construct, maintain, sell, lease, morgagetransfer,improve, develop manage, and control 11 oraro; rilft or the of the nf the property building above trust, necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the. aims and objects of the trusts.

52. To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals magazines, periodicals, news lettersSpapers and other public_ations in the different language. - 4 and on the different subjects.

53.To assist. and co-operate the other associaiionc, trusts and various N.G.Os v.rhoqe 'aims ae tbicf trust.

54. To do such other things/acts/activities which are, necessary and which may be incidental or conductive to attainment of any of the object of trust.

55 The activities and the branches shall Tread all over in India and also in different countries of the wnrld.

56 The trust will invest its money and funds according, to the section —11(5) of the income tax act, 1961.

57. The founder shall appoint any employee i.e. manager, supervisor, legal advisor and legal assistant, accountant cashier, peon, chowkidar etc. He has also the power to terminate the services of any staffs, as he may deem fit and proper for the benefit of the trust.

58. During the lifetime of thunder, he can appoint his nominee and after his death the appointed nominee and in case none is appointed then the legal heir will enjoy all the rights of the thunder as - presently the thunders is enjoying. This process of nomination or successor shall continue till the working of the trust. To repeat the settler or the notPirtee(s) shall continue to hold all those powers at. present enjoyed by settler.

59. The founderisettler Ajay ..Tha.) will be absolute in change of the trust and will exercise all the discretionary and sovereign powers.

60. It is hereby declared that. no pat of t.he trtist propeity or its nICOtne h.211 be applied for any purpose other than the nbiects of the trust as. understood under the income tax act, for the time being, in force, and surplus funds if any of the trust. shall be invested as per the provided the income tax act.

61. The number of trustees shall not less than four and not more than eleven. The trustees shall be trustees for their lifetime but any trustee may resign by giving in writing to the co- trustees. Appointment of trustees (s) shall be only with the final approval of settler/ his nominee(s)of the successor.

62. The general management and control of the trust properties and its affairs shall be vested in the trustees and the trustees shall have power to do the all such acts as many be considered necessary for the benefit. of the trust and or management of the properties and affairs. Veto power shall always remain with the settler, Nominees or the successor(s).

63. All the trustees (including executive trustee/founder) shall form the 'BOARD OF TRUSTS' and all the dicisions shal be taken in the meeting of the board of Trustees called time to time. Without preiudice Co any of the powers. that the trustees may have under law for the time being in force or to their general power for management, the trusted shall have the following power

(a) To manage the trust. The trust found, trust property and other affairs relating. to the trust and to do all the acts, deeds and things necessary for the preservation. Therewith, including the making of the rules and regulation from time to time.

(b). To apply any part in trust fund in acquiring movable, immovable properties to sell, mortgage, alienate or otherwise dispose of the same as they may dung fit and proper.

(c). To take on rent or lease, purchase or construct. building and to construct. deal with any property moveable, immovable comprising the trust founds for the achievement of the object of the trust

(d). To let out, demise any movable, immovable propet-ty comprised irt tfle tvast fund for such period and at such rent discretion make things fit.

(e). To acquire. Purchase, very, ell and trusties may deem fit and proper in accordance with the provision of the income tax act.

(f). To apply and get. registered under sec, 80-G of the income Tax office.

(g). To accept domination, contribution, gift anstor the other grant- aid either in money or in kind.

(h). To enter into any contact and borrow mone.y for the purpose of the trust and management of its properties and assets.

(i). To open account (s) and give direction to transfer, endorse and sign government securities, installment etc. and all these account shall be operated by the signatures of the founder/ nominee or by trustee and or by the person authorized by the founder nominee) The deciclion n the founder nominee (-4) or the successor the connection shall be final.

(j). To appoint sub committees comprising, one trustee or more for carrying out the object ald purpoi3e of the trust or matter connected with trust and,ior his affairs.

(k) To institute suits, actions and legal proceedings, to prefer appeals, to make applications or petition and to give affidavits, wherever necessary and to defend or compound, comp - omise, submit to arbitration or otherwise settle any suit, action claim, legal proceedings, appeal, demand or dispute relating to the trust matters.

(l) To keep proper accounts of the trust funds and its property.

(m) To apply to whole or arty part of the trust fund (corpus anfil or Income) or property for the obiects and purposes of the trust and to sat apart the whole or part of the income of he income or part thereof for - any of the objects of the trust.

(n) To amalgamate the mist with other institution, Ftsociation, trust or organization having, public chartable object -4 and purposes with the consent of two third of trusties in writing.

(o) To nominate, appoint and constitute attorney (s), legal petitioner, agents etc to delegate the duties and powers vested in term in them (trusties) with regard to the management of the trust property including starting or defending of legal proceedings or for opening or operating upon accounts with any baik. (s), person (s), firm (s_ ) or to do such other acts and the duties relating to or connected with the trust property as may be deemed necessary.

(p) To allot the various designations (like chwman, wise chairmai, managing trustee, deputy managing trusties., treasurer, joint treasurer, secretary, assistant secretary etc) and decide there powers and duties front time.

(q)To fix (and increase time to time) the safary for the trusty (s) who spends hisiher full time for the trust activities.

(r) To appoint/ . nominate patterns and to give such other designation to various persons extending help for the running or for the case of the trust .

(s) And generally to do all act, deeds and things as may be necessary for administration of the trust.

64. The triaiztee.s will not be_ entitled to receive the remuneration as trustees but many reimburse themselves 111 expenses actually of incurred lw them in connection with trust or their dues thereto.

65. No transaction oOf immovable property in donation by the trust and trust will not accept any immovable properties in donation. If movable property is transferred to the trust, the execntants will &posit the prescribed India' stamp duty as the act.

66. The truicte may from time to time, frame rules for the conduct of the admipictrtion of the trust and regulating the meetings of trustees_ In the absence of such regulation: -

(a). All the matter will be decided by the majority and the quorum for the meeting shall be two third.

(b). A resolution circulated to all the trustees and signed by the majority of such trustees shall be as valid and effectual as resolution paqses a meeting of the trustees.

67. That, the regular accounts will be maintained regarding all receipts, Payment, income expenditure or any property or liabilities relating to the tract.. Further the account of the truc:t will be audited by chl21ifim T-rnun trar itq

68.ThP board of Trustees shall be entitled to sue I the name of trust and May similar be sued in the name of the trust.

69. The dissolution of the trust. may be affected by a special resolution passed by a riority of three fourth of the trustees present at the special meeting convened for the purpose 74.n,f1 with consent of the president of the trust there remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities and property. Whosoever the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the trustees of the trust, but shall be given or transferred to some other like institution having same aims and objects to be determined by the board of the trustees at or before the time of dissolution.



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To help the Nation to arrive at goal health for all. Estate together with all addition and accretions there and all accumulated income thereof and all other property or properties that may be acquired out of the same or otherwise may here after be subject to the trust.


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